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Asset Creation

From datasheets to newsletters to logos to case studies – we do it all. Our Experts carefully create digital assets to help move people down the marketing funnel and promote your product/service. We create attractive marketing assets that speak directly to your target audience.

You should have assets for every stage of the buyer’s journey. We focus on meeting people where they are, and building assets that will move them further along the buyer’s journey. For a quick review of what the buyer’s journey looks like, see here:

Buyer’s Journey - Asset Map

Asset Creation

The Process

When considering the Buyer’s Journey, we can see that there are marketing assets you can provide at each stage that will guide a lead further along the journey, and eventually to purchasing/renewing your product or service.

It begins with things such as eBooks, guides and infographics that can help a lead understand the problem you are solving, and how you can help them solve the problem. Once they have a decent understanding of what you do, it is your turn to prove why YOU are the best option out there, which you can do by providing competitor comparison papers, video demos and presentations. After this, it is decision time. So you pull out all the stops and give them case studies to prove what you have done, vendor comparisons and live demos.

Once they have decided to go with you, keep going! Give them welcome kits, loyalty points, and training. It doesn’t stop there though. Reach for expansion deals with feature trials, customer rewards and provides roadshows for the true community outreach to gain stickiness. This is where you will see the product lead growth!


Best Practices
for Asset

Start as early as possible
Get frequent feedback
Focus on PLG – community driven product lead growth from your biggest fans, get the testimonials and case studies
Capture videos onsite at customer roadshows


Check out our Asset Creation playbook to see more about our process and to see examples of work we have done.

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