Websites Still Matter—Is Yours up to Scratch?

Websites Still Matter—Is Yours up to Scratch?

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In spite of their nearly 30 year tenure as a critical part of doing business, websites remain the single most important channel for drawing customers to your business. While small, consumer-focused businesses have offloaded some of their most important communications, marketing, and advertising to social media channels, larger and B2B businesses continue to rely heavily on an effective web presence.

Much of the value of a business website is the very fact that they’re now technological dinosaurs. A good website demonstrates that the business it represents is serious, reliable, and here to stay—but it shouldn’t look like a dinosaur. While the website as a longstanding format conveys reliability, changing trends in web design and features allow websites to also have a fully modern look and feel.

Striking a balance between chasing trends in design and features with maintaining the reliability and gravitas a website can project can make it tough to know when to revamp a website, and what that revamp should look like. Over the past 10 years, Hanan Rasool has been unpacking these questions, both as a historical exercise of analyzing trends in web design and as an ongoing, real-world experiment with clients of his marketing consultancy Digital Rift.

We’re thrilled to be featuring Hanan on our monthly webinar series, where our Senior CSM, Emerald Lindskog, and Engagement Manager, Sarah Nichols, will pose to Hanan some of the tough web design and deployment challenges clients bring to us regularly, including:

  • How do we recognize global design indicators we should keep up with and distinguish them from fads that we can skip?
  • How can we find and fix the bounce rate and low conversion rate problems at their source?
  • Is it better to do a major overhaul of our website, or to make incremental updates?
  • If we are going to do a major overhaul, when’s a good time to do it?

To hear more on this topic from our Experts, here is a webinar diving deeper into both website strategy at a high level and some of the finer points of web design.

Refreshing Your Website - A Must Have Playbook

Refreshing Your Website - A Must Have Playbook

Hanan Rasool, Emerald Lindskog, and Sarah Nichols

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