How to Accelerate Your Social Media Growth by Over 300%


Protera is the world’s first operations automation platform designed specifically to optimize SAP related applications on Microsoft Azure and AWS. They modernize, optimize and secure enterprise workloads with their suite of cloud modernization services. Protera came to Expert Marketing Advisors looking to improve their social media presence, increase their following, and to develop their brand awareness across LinkedIn and Twitter.

out a Social Strategy

Before launching a social media strategy, we conducted an in-depth audit of Protera’s LinkedIn and Twitter pages looking at post frequency, high performing content, engagement, and brand consistency across channels.

Based on our findings, we implemented social media best practices specific to B2B tech companies that included a mix of both curated and original Protera content including video, blogs, gated assets, and events.

We utilized LinkedIn groups and employee advocacy to expand Protera’s reach and leveraged partnerships to expand brand awareness.

The Results*

*This data is based on a comparison of the first month of the engagement vs the previous month prior to services beginning.

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