What is Operations Management Consulting?

What is Operations Management Consulting?

Operations management consulting is a discipline designed to improve a company’s internal operations and processes, making them more efficient, streamlined and ultimately, profitable. It helps companies find the right balance between running the company and further scaling through business consultancy.

Operations consulting teams help clients unlock value from every aspect of their operations. Maximizing operational efficiency and effectiveness has never been easy. Yet excelling at operations management is even more daunting today owing to supply chain disruptions, trade instability, changes in customer expectations, and the rise of digital operations.

At its best, operations consulting sits at the intersection of strategy, technology, and transformation to deliver sustainable, inclusive growth. It connects boardroom strategies to the frontline—infusing technology where and when it matters and rapidly delivering lasting transformations enabled by capability building.

Operations consulting can help organizations achieve higher and faster returns by deploying best-in-class thinking across the capital projects portfolio and project delivery value chain. It can also create a lasting impact in global manufacturing and supply-chain operations.

Some best practices for using operations management consulting include focusing on your organization’s specific needs, culture, and challenges. Operations consultants can help you ensure the transformation sticks—working with your people to reach their full potential with hands-on coaching and structured learning programs.

Operations consultants can also help you choose the best tools for your needs, pulling from a rich ecosystem of their own solutions and partnerships with leading providers. They can show you how to reap the full rewards of digitization, drawing game-changing insights from the data produced.

Another best practice is to use Business Process Reengineering (BPR) for operations management. BPR refers to overhauling your critical business processes using information and data gleaned from operations management performance metrics. BPR can improve return on investment, reduce operational costs, increase production capacity, and enhance service capabilities.