What are

A marketing program is a combined execution of activities and tactics that support the overall campaign objectives, aligned to the target audiences. Your campaign objectives are strategic marketing goals that fit your strengths, keep your campaigns on track, and are a good way to maximize your business growth.

Approach to Marketing Programs

When we approach marketing programs, we focus on both inbound and outbound digital activities. These activities include, but are not limited to: webinars, newsletters, blogs, videos, and podcasts. Having a range of programs available helps reinforce your brand identity and better connect with your target audience.

In addition to using a variety of content formats, being consistent about sharing valuable content is important to engaging customers. While boosting brand engagement won’t happen overnight, with consistency, you can see strong results on both your reach and your revenue.

The Process

Our process of building and implementing programs is designed to strengthen your brand image and keep prospects returning for more original, high quality content. While each process is tailored to the needs of your company, generally speaking it looks something like this:

Best Practices
for Programs

Below are a few best practices to keep your program content cohesive and strengthen your brand identity:
Choose a theme or topic cluster for each month in support of campaigns
Follow a predictable cadence each month

Promotion is key through Social Media, Newsletters & SEM


Goals are there to provide clarity, purpose, direction and vision. Setting goals and measuring progress are what lead to success for you and the business as a whole. We measure the success of your programs by tracking the following:
These are overall averages, so they will vary slightly based on what industry you are in. eMa aims to make you better than any industry average, and we use these numbers as one factor to guide us in our decision making process.

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