Public Relations

What is Public

Public Relations (PR) is when you use media channels to promote your product and services. It is the process of crafting information about your company in order to create a positive public image. How you are perceived matters greatly, so we work hard to make you stand out (in a good way!) to the people who you care about. PR is how you define your relationship with the public eye and how you communicate with them, which can be your customers, partners, journalists or your prospective client.

eMa’s Approach
to Public Relations

Our PR scope includes the functions that will make the most impact on your brand. We help you adapt PR best practices to your company and make actionable steps. Aligning your communications plan with your company goals and marketing objectives are key to a successful PR outcome. Expert Marketing Advisors guides you through the process and ensures these are the foundation of the plan. We ensure your PR objectives are oriented around milestones that impact your business.This includes activities such as:
We have built a framework that includes six critical elements.

PR Maturity

Best Practices for
Public Relations

Identify media and publications target
Provide council to attain interest
Strategize around earned vs. paid media coverage


Check out our PR playbook that is free to download. here.

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