Sales Enablement

What is Sales Enablement?

Working closely with the client marketing and sales teams, eMa will create internal enablement content which encompasses some of the following, driven by the client-specific needs and use cases:

  • ICP (Ideal Customer Profile)
  • Qualification checklist and how to follow up on inbounds
  • Sales Outreach Cadence
  • Sales Playbook (include Use Cases)
  • Personas & Buyer Journey
  • Competitive Overview & Battle Cards

EMA’s Approach

eMa’s Approach to Sales Enablement

Key Components

From specifying your goals around SALs and SQLs, to clearly defining your ICP (ideal customer profile), Sales Enablement will accelerate the time it takes your sales team to win business.

When bringing your potential buyer through their journey, it is important to have guidelines for how to handle objections. More likely than not, you are not the only product a company is considering, so having a competitive analysis completed so you know where you stand is another crucial component.

Keeping all your Sales Enablement contempt up to date is important so everyone is aware of the current offerings and goals. A large part of this is ensuring your tech stack is set up properly. This means utilizing the right tools and having everything integrated with each other so that there are no gaps in your data. Using the correct data, you can build the right reports and analytics to see which processes are working and which are not.

If you have all of these components and processes in place, your sales enablement will be top-notch.

The Process

Sales Enablement Process


Here is an example of the components of sales enablement: Sales Enablement Playbook

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