What do we mean by creating a strategy?

Strategy is a detailed, structured plan that includes well-defined objectives, target audience profiles, content creation steps, and a clear understanding of the competitive landscape. With every objective, you should be as specific as possible as these objectives drive strategy development.

eMa’s components of creating a strategy

  1. Develop a marketing budget
  2. Tie your GTM approach to business objectives
  3. Understand your customers and develop ideal customer profiles (ICPs)
  4. Agree on annual goals and KPIs
  5. Identify competitors
  6. Conduct industry analysis
  7. Determine milestones
  8. Know what teams and people to use
  9. Do market segmentation
  10. Focus on customer acquisition, retention and expansion
  11. Loyalty programs, etc
  12. Use product led growth (within reason)
  13. Use ABM for a more targeted marketing strategy

The end goal:

Increase revenue and overall valuation of the company

With this end goal in mind, there are certain methods and processes that eMa uses to define the marketing strategy at a high level. We follow these five steps and apply them to your organization specifically:

Define your winning aspiration

  • Why do you exist?
  • What problem are you trying to solve?

Decide where to play

  • What customers are you going to target?
  • What geographic locations?
  • We use these answers to decide how to market since each person within your ideal customer profile has their own unique habits and painpoints.

Look at how to win in your given niche

  • You want to outplay your competitors, so what can your company do to gain a competitive advantage?
  • Are you the only ones that do what you do, do you have the lowest cost, etc.?

Know the capabilities of your team and company

  • What unique capabilities does your company have?
  • What can you do that no one else can do?
  • Knowing this can help you focus your efforts on where you can best play to create the best product for your target market.

Put in the correct management systems

  • This is where you need to enforce your strategy and put the right people in charge so they can carry out your strategy and vision for the company.
  • Specific to working with eMa, we assign a CSM to each client that best knows their playing field and has the expertise to lead the team to marketing for the client’s success.

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