Our Values
At eMa, we value the following behaviors and skills in our teammates.
These values are the foundation of our people, outlining what you can expect of us as a company and what we expect of you.
Our Guiding Principles
Our culture focuses on helping us achieve excellence while always doing the right thing. We earn the trust and confidence of others by consistently making wise decisions across business, people and creative. We hold ourselves accountable. 

We focus on great results by giving our time and knowledge to build marketing experiences that positively impact business top line. 

We exhibit a bias toward action and avoid excuses.

We challenge assumptions when warranted and recommend better approaches.



We minimize complexity and strive toward simplification. 

Our lifeblood stems from creating new, useful ideas.

We have the courage to take informed risks, simplify the complex and pursue excellence.

We focus on delivering consistent strong performance.


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