Web Development

What is Web Development

Your website is the face of your company. It is generally the first thing people go to and where they decide whether or not your business is of interest to them. Website development is the process of building an attractive, attention grabbing, and informative place for your audience to discover who you are and what you do. It is carefully looking at your target market, the industry, and your competitors, and creating a way to positively stand out as the best in the business.

eMa’s Approach to Web Development

Our team meets you where you are. Whether you want your website revamped or a whole website built from scratch, we’ve got you! We have a lot of experience building SaaS websites, and while we can do anything, that area is our specialty.

We begin by establishing your goals for the website based on your past numbers. Once we have goals established, we identify content and keywords to include in your website copy that will help you rank high within Google. Check out our SEO page for more information on keywords.

Once keywords are established, we work on developing the messaging and copy for you. Meanwhile, our design team will work on designing the visual aspects of your website. We generally will go through three iterations of designs. Each time we will take your feedback and make tweaks in order to arrive at a copy that we will push live.

The Process

The whole website development process takes about three months. We can work quicker if needed, but in order to provide a high quality website with 30+ pages, it takes about three months.

Within those three months we will:

1.  Conduct an audit of the current website
2. Establish goals
3. Work on SEO keywords
4. Write copy for website
5. Work on first iteration of design
6. Present design, get feedback, redesign
7. Get copy finalized
8. Design second iteration
9. Finish the rest of the website pages
10. QA test website
11. Perform ongoing maintenance and testing

In parallel with SEO, messaging, & design, this is an example of what our timeline and process looks like over the course of six months:


Best Practices for Web Development

  1. Gather the business requirements
  2. Collect information about the targeted audience to design and develop the content according the client’s liking and disliking
  3. Do proper planning of each design and development phase
  4. Choose the best standards so that the final product/solution will be cost effective and efficient, which can fulfill all the business needs of present and near future
  5. Develop things in sprints so we can present deliverables in a timely manner
  6. Do an audit/unit-test of each deliverable to make it risk free
  7. Check multi-device compatibility
    Link your social media accounts/channels


Check out some of the websites we have developed:

WebDev - FiberMountain

Fiber Mountain




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