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Rather than hiring one person, hire a team of highly-seasoned experts to reach all areas of marketing and bring your company to the next level at a pace that your competition won’t be able to match.

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An intelligent marketing foundation to help you jumpstart your programs and build better pipeline fast.

See a Clear Path to Hit Your Number

One of the hardest jobs is setting up funnels, managing pipeline, and streamlining the sales cycle to hit your number.

Our team will guide you with the structure and insights into how you are trending towards goals and what you can do to close your pipeline gaps.

Understand Who to Target

Playbooks with buyer journeys will prioritize contacts and accounts based on their likelihood to engage and buy, ensuring you focus on the best leads first. You have the flexibility to apply demographic and behavioral-based selections ensuring you have control over contact strategy.

Our inspiration in starting Expert Marketing Advisors was the observation that, despite a lot of innovation happening in technology, it seemed few companies were able to capitalize on their marketing innovation to achieve measurable business outcomes. Our team and brand partners together set the standard for marketing in today’s digital world with unmatched expertise and firsthand experience that brings immediate value to an organization. We are committed to provide our clients with top-quality strategy and marketing expertise.
Courtney Kehl
Courtney Kehl
Founder and CEO of Expert Marketing Advisors


Stay Organized, Keep Growing, Engage Better

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We work side-by-side with your company to help you accomplish your goals when you don’t have the resources or time.