Our Guiding Principles

The people and culture of eMa are what make us different

We inspire each other
We have a passion for work, growth and each other. We work, grow, learn and have fun together. We support and trust one another.
We ‘swim’ together
We make marketing work. We focus intensely on our clients. We make tough decisions together and determine the right actions when its inconsistent with out values.
We listen to our clients

Our company is built on relationships, so we listen to our clients. We seek to understand our clients’ strategy, market and customers as an extension of their team. We move rapidly and eagerly to deliver superior results and earn their trust as their most strategic business partner.

We focus on great results by giving our time and knowledge to build marketing experiences that positively impact business top line.
We have the courage to take informed risks, simplify the complex and pursue excellence.
We exhibit a bias toward action and avoid excuses.
We seek excellence in ourselves, our work and in others.
We minimize complexity and strive toward simplification.

Our lifeblood stems from creating new, useful ideas.

We challenge assumptions when warranted and recommend better approaches.
We focus on delivering consistent strong performance.

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