eMa is a team of Experts who will reach all areas of marketing and bring your business to the next level

We also offer custom marketing plans. Please reach out to get help picking the best package for your needs.

Monthly Retainer

The business will hum along with a healthy extended marketing alliance.
$ 6,800
  • Includes Success Manager


Here is what we can do for your company.

The Success Manager will support the activities of the entire marketing team and your business by developing systems and processes to facilitate efficient communication, knowledge capture, and information sharing.

An ongoing documented strategy which includes clarity of your business model, defined personas, verticals (if relevant) as well as your market segment definition and set of competitive players. The GTM approach and demand generation goals are created here with company KPI’s. This is the key element that drives all of your marketing tactics in the right direction to accomplish your business goals.

Successful lead-gen starts with the right market message and position. Together, we’ll work through a set of face-to-face meetings or workshops and document your key, differentiating messages that speak to your target buyer and ideal customer.

Bring an innovative, creative confidence to your brand and business. Our goal is to enrich the creative experience through a unique design strategy for your brand. Stand out from the competition with a differentiating identity that is consistent across all assets – digital and physical.

Website development is a crucial step required for your business to flourish. We think of this as your ‘front-door’ and is the first place your buyers experience your brand and what you stand for. A well-designed, professional site will give you an edge in the market and a base for all long-term customer. We aim to grow your website and add value to all site visitors for maximum engagement.

Asset creation includes but is not limited to the following: slide decks, videos, podcasts, animations, diagrams and infographics. Asset creation is guided by eMa, and the client may be requested to participate in asset creation as this does not include content writing.

eMa Ghostwriters are skilled professionals with journalism backgrounds who bring valuable original content to your content assets with a constant stream of rich, relevant and targetted keyword content. Your business stays on the radar and conveys immediate value to buyers.

SEO service is dedicated to establish an online presence, drive traffic and build brand trust. eMa’s SEO strategy integrates keywords across your channels for an optimized digital footprint. SEO includes a technical site audit, keyword research and mapping, bulk optimization reports, CTA and UI improvement, scheduled ongoing deliverables, link reclamation, link building, detailed reporting.

SEM strategies generate web traffic by increasing presence on search engines through relevant ads. This ultimately delivers a perception of trust, leadership, and a strong brand association.


SEM includes keyword research and management, campaign and ad group building, ad creation and testing, display, remarketing and video optimization, advanced targeting, comprehensive reporting, and analytics and conversion tracking.
eMa views a campaign as a themed outbound initiative which is primarily designed to drive demand, leads, and grow pipe. A campaign builds market awareness but also drives inbounds and generally runs for a 6-month timeframe. Each campaign provides reach for driving brand awareness with smart and creative strategies.
This includes direct marketing activities related to physical and virtual events. Event marketing includes highly targeted direct selling promotions, merchandising, sampling and demonstration, experiential marketing, organizing roadshows and events, and virtual event planning and support.
This includes direct marketing activities related to physical and virtual events. Event marketing includes highly targeted direct selling promotions, merchandising, sampling and demonstration, experiential marketing, organizing roadshows and events, and virtual event planning and support.
*monthly service includes one physical event supported per month
** additional Field Event Support available in the add-on section
Take a #SighOfRelief. Your eMa team is focused on applying the latest and greatest in social media strategy to reach the #RightAudience for your sales goals. Our services include managing and creating content for the social media platforms that are right for your business such as: Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn, etc. Let us take your social media opportunities to new heights.
We craft a story that resonates with your audience, raises your brand awareness, and bottom line through proactive media relations efforts.

The goal is to establish a cadence of news pushes which includes writing press releases and developing angles and pitches to secure coverage in targeted outlets. Some news pushes will involve a blog, social media and pitching.
We have strategy for communicating with analysts who will evaluate financial data to track industry growth and guide you on business strategy.

Working closely with your team and official spokesperson(s), eMa will setup a cadence of analyst briefings and digital updates such as a newsletter to keep you top of mind for all relevant, important industry analysts.
Integrating back-end marketing and sales tools is required for business scale and success. Ensure the best of breed platforms for your business are tied together and communicating with your team.
The Marketing Operations Manager manages the various applications and systems on which the marketing programs are based (Marketing Operations and Sales Operations are covered here). This includes configuring and optimizing key applications such as the CRM, Marketing Automation, web servers, social media scheduling tools, webinar platform and various other tech stack tools used by the GTM team.
Sales enablement is the process of providing your sales organization with the information, content, and tools that help salespeople sell more effectively. The foundation of sales enablement is to provide salespeople with what they need to successfully engage the buyer throughout the buying process. This is critical for bridging marketing activities with sales success.

We work side-by-side with your company to help you accomplish your goals when you don’t have the resources or time.