What we have in our ever-expanding marketing toolbox

We are a team of experts who will reach all areas of marketing and bring your business to the next level

The Success Manager will support the activities of the entire B2B marketing team and your business.

SEO service is dedicated to establish an online presence, drive traffic and build B2B brand trust.

SEM strategies generate web traffic by increasing presence on search engines through relevant ads.

Stand out from the competition with a differentiating identity that is consistent across all assets – digital and physical.

We aim to grow your website and add value to all site visitors for maximum engagement.

Successful lead-gen starts with the right market message and position in a B2B environment.

Integrated marketing programs are the combined execution of both inbound and outbound digital activities that support overall campaign objectives.
This includes B2B direct marketing activities related to physical and virtual events.
Integrating back-end marketing and sales tools is required for B2B business scale and success.

eMa Ghostwriters are skilled professionals with journalism backgrounds who bring valuable original content to your B2B content assets.

Asset creation includes but is not limited to the following: slide decks, videos, podcasts, animations, diagrams and infographics.

eMa views a B2B campaign as a themed outbound initiative which is primarily designed to drive demand, leads, and grow pipe.

An ongoing documented strategy which includes clarity of your business model, defined personas, verticals (if relevant) as well as your market segment definition and set of competitive players.

B2B sales enablement is the process of providing your sales organization with the information, content, and tools that help salespeople sell more effectively.
We craft a story that resonates with your audience, raises your brand awareness, and bottom line through proactive media relations efforts.
We have a strategy for communicating with analysts who will evaluate financial data to track industry growth and guide you on business strategy.
The Marketing Operations Manager manages the various applications and systems on which the marketing programs are based.
Take a #SighOfRelief. Your eMa team is focused on applying the latest and greatest in B2B social media strategy to reach the #RightAudience for your sales goals.
Online reputation management is a great way to attract high-intent prospects.
ABM can be highly effective for businesses that sell to large organizations  with complex decision-making structures
Our Partner Marketing Solutions are designed to connect you with the right allies, amplify your brand, and drive mutual success.

We are ready to work with you to reach your goals