Frequently Asked Questions

So, what does your plan come with?

Each client will get a Customer Success Manager as their point of contact and across the board communicator for all of your needs. This plan includes all of the marketing services you need to bring you to success. We also offer custom plans and will work with you to see what the best fit for your business is. Please reach out to us for more information!

What is included in onboarding?

Onboarding focuses on creating and refining your marketing goals and strategy. This includes:

  • Looking at your business goals
  • Reflecting on what you have done in the past (what worked, what didn’t)
  • Developing new strategies based on the current market, your competitors, etc
  • Creating your personal roadmap and timeline
  • Implementing marketing automation platforms, CRMs and social media plans
What if I am not a SaaS company?

That is totally okay! While we are experts in marketing for high growth tech B2B companies, we are also good at doing marketing for other B2B service companies. We would love to set up a call with you to see if we would be a good fit for your company.

Does eMa work with B2C companies?

eMa only services B2B companies right now, as that is where our expertise lies, but we will happily point you to some great B2C marketing companies!

What if my budget is under your monthly retainer?

We would still love to meet you and see if we can work something out. If you are a high growth B2B company, we believe in potential and are happy to work with what you have, so don’t hesitate to contact us

If I run digital ads, is that included in the pricing?

No, digital ads costs are not included in our pricing. Each company has very individual needs when it comes to digital ads, so please set aside some of your budget for this if you would like to pursue digital ads with us.

Who will I be working with?

You will be working with our team of experts in whichever service fields you require, and your point of contact for everything will be your Customer Success Manager CSM. Your CSM is a highly trained marketing expert who is assigned to focus on you as a client, and take your company from good to great.

Where are you based out of?

Our team is primarily based out of the Silicon Valley/Bay Area but we have team members that span across the country and internationally as well. This allows us to expand our clientele globally and provide end-to-end services at any hour of the day.

What is your typical cadence?

We work on 5-day sprints. You will have a weekly deliverable meeting with your Customer Success Manager to go over the progress from the week before and what to expect for the current week. They will also pull in the experts for various working sessions throughout the week.

What are our expert’s backgrounds?

We are in our 6th year of business and have hundreds of success stories we bring with us. All of our marketing experts are end to end extensive and passionate in the area that they support. Our experts have gone through employee trainings, have received multiple certifications in Salesforce, Marketo, HubSpot and more, and come from companies like Cisco, HP and Forbes. We are an extremely rigorous and diligent team focused on serving your needs.

What tools are we comfortable with?

Here is a snapshot of the tools we are very comfortable working with: Salesforce, Marketo, HubSpot, LeanData, Sprout Social, Outreach, WordPress, Webflow, all Google tools, and many, many more. There isn’t a tool we can’t learn!

Why do we not have demand gen as a specific support area called out?

It takes everything working together to have great demand gen. We bring that to the table and more. The team has the ability to lean in on specific support areas like SEM or Programs but also has worked together across all the marketing disciplines to ensure everything is leveraged for fast tracked lead generation.

How do you set up your marketing funnel and sales pipe?

Our goal is to shorten the sales cycle and increase your revenue, and we do this by auditing, cleaning and streamlining your processes and tools. We have a spectacular operations team that specializes in increasing your conversions and the quality of your leads.

Do we set up KPIs for success?

Yes absolutely! Everything we do is tracked for success and revenue. We treat your business just like we treat our own. A good place to start is the marketing funnel and sales pipeline here but this should grow to track attribution across all channels and activities for success.

Do we have examples of best practices?

Yes, as a team we have established proven best practices in each of the areas we support. You can check them out by looking at our playbooks and seeing our proven results by reading our case studies.

What is our process and how does your team work with ours?

The first thing we do is understand where you are, and the gaps we need to fill. We then establish goals and map out 3-6 months of milestones, then we bring the focus back to 90 days. Your CSM is your point of contact, and we have weekly (at least) meetings with you and provide you with a wrap up of our work/results at the end of the week.

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