Account Based Marketing

Target Specific Accounts, Rather Than Individuals

eMa will help you identify a set of high-value accounts and tailor your marketing efforts to meet the specific needs and interests of those accounts.

This can involve creating personalized content, developing customized marketing campaigns, and leveraging account-specific data to create a more targeted and relevant marketing experience for each account.

What is Account Based Marketing?

Account Based Marketing (ABM) is a Sales/Marketing technique where rather than letting the leads come in naturally, a company will proactively target particular businesses. Companies in the Fortune 500 list are typical targets for ABM. A salesperson will say, “I’m going to go after these specific companies.” and download lists of targeted employees from those specific companies for prospecting.

Should my company take this approach?

ABM can be particularly effective for businesses that sell to large organizations with complex decision-making structures, as it allows marketers to focus their efforts on the key decision-makers within each account and tailor their messaging accordingly.

How does it work?

ABM typically involves close collaboration between marketing and sales teams, as the two functions work together to identify target accounts, develop account-specific strategies, and measure the success of their efforts.

Strategy. Planning. Execution. At all levels.

Choosing to work with eMa on your ABM strategy will help you build stronger, more meaningful relationships with key accounts and ultimately drive revenue growth through increased customer acquisition and retention.

The Power of Partnerships

As a zoominfo MarketingOS Marketing Agency and Preferred Partner, eMa leverages that platform to deliver “actionable ABM, backed by the best data” , helping you find, acquire, and grow customers faster by using the zoominfo integrated sales & marketing ABM platform.


Read how B2B Tech Company Korbyt came to Expert Marketing Advisors looking to use Account Based Marketing to improve lead conversion and close more high value deals.

Expert Marketing Advisors acts as an extension of ZoomInfo’s existing team, providing expertise and managed support in all aspects of marketing operations.

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