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Ghostwriters work closely with leaders and subject matter experts to get their stories, ideas, and messages across effectively. Not every expert has the time, interest, or expertise in writing for different audiences and in different formats, but that shouldn’t stop them from being the public face of their message.

Most everyone has heard of ghostwriters who help public figures write their autobiographies—but ghostwriting is also a critical tool in corporate communications. It’s human nature to put more trust in an individual figure than in an anonymous organization. With the help of a ghostwriter who specializes in your industry and in the media your target audiences consume, you can elevate your experts and leaders to industry gurus.

eMa’s Approach
to Ghostwriting

The purpose of ghostwriting within our approach to a complete marketing communications strategy is to convert the leaders and experts on your team into leaders and experts the industry and your customers recognize and trust. Ghostwriting forms the bridge between the well of knowledge and expertise your founders, engineers, executives, and innovators have and the places your customers are looking for help, information, and advice.
Establishing your subject matter experts as public-facing, trusted sources of information critically supports the sales and marketing pipeline from lead generation through retention and creating great customer experiences. Whether you are reaching prospects seeking advice or cultivating relationships with existing customers, a public face is a serious asset.
Ghostwriting is a primarily inbound marketing activity that provides unique value to outbound marketing efforts: Establishing a library of valuable content from trusted authors boosts the effectiveness of outreach efforts when audiences are excited to get communication from figures they know and trust.
Our team includes ghostwriters who specialize in corporate communications in the software and greater high tech industries. They bring to our clients over 50 years of collective industry experience and are experts in the media most critical to tech industry marketing: corporate blogs, social media, and contributed articles.

The Process

As part of a comprehensive marketing program with eMa, you have access to ghostwriters who will get to know the expertise, message, and psychology of the leaders on your team.
We work with you on a regular cadence to produce high quality content for distribution through owned media outlets like corporate blogs and social media accounts as well as earned media opportunities in close coordination with your PR strategy.

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