Tech Stack Integrations and Data Maintenance

EMA’s Approach to Tech Stack Integrations and Data Maintenance

Our goal is to make your website a lead generation tool, push prospects towards your website, and increase targeted inbound pipeline. We ensure the best of breed platforms for your business are tied together and communicating with your team. This includes keeping a regular cadence of data integrity, and setup/sync between these tools.
Maintaining the flow between your tech stack tools makes tracking the stages of the B2B marketing and sales pipeline effortless. This helps you find out where the leads are getting lost and identify new opportunities, providing information to improve your marketing operations strategy which ultimately can help drive more sales.

What is Tech Stack Integrations and Data Maintenance?

As your business grows, what new tools, systems, and data will your marketing team need? This is where tech stack hygiene and data maintenance come in. A marketing tech stack is the combination of tools used to automate tasks and remove obstacles from your workflow, allowing your business to grow more efficiently. These tools can range from executing lead generation to marketing emails and from social media management to SEO. Data maintenance further contributes to your business efficiency by ensuring data is organized and accessible.

The Process

Our marketing tech stack uses marketing automation services designed to support a process of finding qualified leads to creating customers. By keeping a regular maintenance of your data, we make sure you have consistent prospect information when sharing from the marketing to the sales team.
At the top of the pipeline, we are focused on finding potential customers and understanding their needs. We use platforms like ZoomInfo and Seamless to gather consistent data and drive communication with leads.
Used at all points in the funnel is social media, since it can be utilized to meet any specific need and hit both potential customers and current customers. We use:
Moving down the pipeline, a few tools that support customer prospecting are:
At the bottom of the pipeline, focus on technology that will make communication between your company and your customers more efficient.

Best Practices for Tech Stack Hygiene and Data Maintenance

  • Identify your marketing goals and outline your marketing operations strategy before implementing your tech stack
  • Survey your team to find what challenges they face when trying to execute tasks, this will help you narrow down the marketing automation services that will be the best fit for your business
  • Keep your systems simple. It’s tempting to assume powerful technology will support your evolving processes but it’s more important to focus on how your tool will help you efficiently execute your marketing operations strategy
  • Analyze the success of your tools. It’s okay to switch tools when you feel one isn’t being utilized enough
  • Inconsistent data can lead to problems within your business, adopting a data maintenance strategy will improve your data quality and cleansing processes to make your business more effective
  • We recommend choosing your CRM tool first, and then your marketing operation tool

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