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eMa’s Approach
to Events

The events you choose to go to must accurately represent your brand and playing field. We do extensive research to see what events are available to attend taking into consideration your industry, where your competitors are, opportunities you have, your budget, and your company goals.

We don’t concentrate on just one event, we plan for a season. We like to have a mix of bigger events and smaller events, always working within your budget. Events can be stressful, but we have the goal to make them go as seamlessly as possible, and focused on lead generation.

The Process

This is how we approach events so you come back with astounding ROI. Our process looks different depending on your goals, but this is the general order we plan events in.
Event Support

Best Practices for Events

Best Practices for Events


We have many tips and tricks up our sleeves to increasing lead capture. One way we like to model how successful an event was is by using a funnel to visualize how many leads we’ve captured. We can then use this to estimate how many of those leads will turn closed deals. Take a look at the picture below for an example.

Note: all of these stats are based on benchmarks that we have observed from our experience

ROI on Events

For this let’s say an event you attended had 7,000 registrations, and 5,000 attended. Out of those 5,000, you capture 10% of them as leads, which equates to 500 leads. Then you plug everything into the funnel.
ES Funnel
So, if you spend $35,000 on an event and close just 3 deals, then this event is well worth it. CPL = $35,000 cost for event / 500 leads = $70 per lead.

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