Are You Ready For 2023? Putting 2023 Marketing Predictions Into Practice

Are you ready for 2023?

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As we enter 2023, organizations are in the midst of yearly planning and setting goals to keep ahead of the competition and stay in front of the customer. As trends like remote work maturing into a new normal, virtual events becoming standard, and a still uncertain economy face businesses this year, the components that make up an effective marketing strategy must adapt.

At the same time, many companies continue to be overwhelmed by filtering out which of these strategic components will actually yield results. From our own experience and research, we’re expecting to see a plethora of changes in buyer behaviors, consumer and technological shifts, and customer retention strategies in the coming year.

For example, the B2B market is facing younger buying committees, shifts in expectations about the purchase process, overcomplicated tech stacks, and uncertain economic conditions. These factors are changing how marketers can reach, engage with, and retain business customers, according to eMarketer Insider Intelligence analyst Kelsey Voss.

A recent Marketing Interactive post claims that talent is a company’s greatest asset and is an area that companies typically struggle with, especially when it comes to retention. They state that as agencies gear up for 2023, some talent transformation is expected, and this will eventually force a culture change in agencies. In this same article, they have identified five ways agency culture is expected to shift.

“The marketing and advertising scene is not spared from the talent crunch either, having to deal with the Great Resignation and quiet quitting. The hybrid working model has also changed how employees interact with one another.”

These are just a sample of the trends we at eMa are keeping an eye on. As a team that supports national clients across the B2B landscape, we have done the deep dive into the current developing marketing landscape for 2023—and we have the breakdown on how this year’s trends could provide a significant advantage to your company’s marketing strategy.

We hope you will take advantage of our research and expertise, and watch eMa’s Senior Marketing Program Manager, Emerald Lindskog, and Angela Kehl, Senior Marketing Associate, cover: 

  • How buyer behaviors are changing in 2023 and what that means for your marketing plans
  • How your marketing strategy needs to change alongside the latest consumer and technological shifts
  • Customer retention in 2023 and how marketers can play a key role in this critical area
Putting 2023 Marketing Predictions Into Practice

Putting 2023 Marketing Predictions Into Practice

Emerald Lindskog and Angela Kehl

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