How a SaaS Company Went From Product Launch to
Acquisition within 9 Months


Infiot was founded in 2018 with the clear mindset of powering the borderless enterprise. Their company is made up of people passionate about building a world where the enterprise can be securely and reliably extended to all users, devices, offices and cloud, anywhere, with the power of AI. Their main product, Infiot ZETO, is a new way to deliver Application assurance, Zero trust security and Edge intelligence with AI-driven operations to every remote user, every site and every device enabling a Borderless enterprise.

Product Launch

eMa first started working with Infiot as they prepared to launch their Infiot ZETO product, the industry’s first software that runs on the end user’s device providing remote users in-office security without any hardware. They came to us looking for a launch strategy that would make a big splash. eMa utilized a modified version of our programs calendar to execute on an effective inbound strategy.
Preparing for Launch:
  • eMa ensured that Infiot had a strong, clean database in preparation for announcements
  • Media pitches were made under embargo based on PR best practices
  • Two webinars were planned and executed on including an industry analyst and customer roundtable
  • Social posts teasing that something big was coming built momentum
Launch Day:
  • A new product page was pushed live
  • A press release crossed the wire announcing the new product
  • Social syndication went live throughout the day promoting Infiot original content and third-party articles related to the launch
  • News was amplified across LinkedIn groups

The Results*

17 MQLs in 30 days including 4 well known logos

On the first day of the launch, the story was picked up 40 times for a total potential audience of over 120 million.

Social Media Stats:
2,866 Video Views, 8.6% engagement rate on LinkedIn *3.5% is considered strong

Other stats over engagement:
SEO traffic growth is up by 28% since starting work with Infiot in November, Infiot has hit their 1,000 following mark on LI with currently 1,038 total followers, the number of times Infiot has appeared on people’s feed has increased since Q3 2021 by 48.9%.

Where is Infiot Today?

Infiot is now a part of the Netskope family offering remote security from SD-WAN to complement Netskope’s cloud security offerings. Netskope recognized that Infiot ZETO allows them to offer an integrated approach to SASE and SWG that they could not offer before.
From a product launch to a successful acquisition, Infiot is continuing their growth within the security industry.

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