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Insite Managed Solutions is a call center consulting services company. Their expertise lies in understanding human operations and helping companies grow customer loyalty and employee satisfaction.

Insite takes a deep dive into companies’ contact center operations and analyzes everything from the technology used to staffing and people operations. Insite reports on the results, and then map your improvement path. They work with you to implement the methodologies, training, and certifications that will get you to your business goals. Insite has been performing contact and call center consulting for more than 200 clients worldwide since 2007.

Creating a Results Driven Ad Campaign

In our initial campaign for Insite, we focused on having a super targeted SEM campaign using keywords at the core of their business. We began by using the keywords “call center training”, “customer experience journey mapping”, “call center consulting” and “contact center consulting” and building a strong landing page showcasing their offerings along with case studies and KPIs of successful clients.

After a few weeks, we could tell which keywords were converting, and which ones were not, so we adjusted accordingly. In addition to the keyword changes, we updated the landing page copy to better speak to what audience had clicked on the ad (the size of their call center, etc.).

Just a few months after starting the ads, we achieved a 66% lead-to-proposal rate, which is significantly higher than other similar advertisers. By changing one of the keywords, it redirected the budget and efforts to another better performing keyword, and Insite received a large amount of traction from it. To this day we are continuing to add keywords and test out which ones are bringing Insite results. After the success of this campaign, we are now running two additional campaigns focused on selling specific service offerings.

Key Highlights

Our PPC ad campaigns received:

Key Highlights

The Results

The Results

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